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Fifth Third Center Gallery
March Artist 2019

Dorron Applin

Everyone wants to be the next Picasso, Salvador Dali, or Frank Lloyd Wright, but for that to happen you must be a little crazy or die and I would rather not do that. Artist ModernAnimator or Dorron Applin, is a freelance artist and cosplayer that graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and studied some Graduate level marketing management in 2016 from Lourdes University, in Sylvania, Ohio.

As an artist, finding inspiration comes from the things you enjoy and the people around you, reflecting in the work with drive to continue with it. Despite the usual assumption that “you must have always been talented”, is not true honestly when drawing stick figures was life until self-teaching by late 6th grade. Video games was a big thing growing up with favorite titles such as Sonic Adventure, Ratchet & Clank, Defender, and much more played a lot into an interest in art. Finding enjoyment in the concept art in game and that lead to development really peaked a long lasting interest as a kid. My work now reflects much of the interest in video games, Japanese art, and photo realistic styles that were researched over the years.

The works now could be said to hold a significant connection to realms of reality and imagination, or could be that of staying up all night writing papers and binge watching Netflix. Perspective is everything when it comes to where inspiration comes from and how work is viewed. As a contemporary artist of the 21st, the works produced can take on any combination of figure work, painting, portraiture, science fiction & fantasy, and digital art. Only a few styles listed make up the bulk of the work and just to think now, everything started with the easy (especially cheap) to find graphite pencil. It is always funny to think that everything comes from being a video game playing, cartoon and anime watching nerd. Always hearing “…you can’t do much or make anything as an artist” would have been a deterrent if the constant reminder that people’s favorite shows, movies, video games, phones, DIYs, and books were all created by artist.

Inspiration for me comes from a lot of places with one being you the reader. As of recently starting in 2017, ModernAnimator wanted to further photography for his art which started as a project, #behindthecosplay. Behind the Cosplay asked what cosplayers (character costume designers) at pop culture conventions did outside these fan events, having them write on a whiteboard and take a picture with it. This eventually grew to featuring around 2,000+ creators in 2 years and in the last year included high quality music videos showing diversity in this space such as anyone from professional models, retail workers, restoration technicians, NASA engineers, teachers, and military vets, just to name a few. From traditional art to self-taught video/audio production, has used these skills to bounce off each other and has done work for college a university, law firm, international magazines, and local groups. Wish to check out more of my work? Find me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube at @ModernAnimator.

Dorron’s Work/Pricing (Left to Right – Name, Materials, Price)

  • Steampunk, Watercolor, $110
  • Journey: Just the Two of Us, Oil on Canvas, $500
  • Jesus Walks, Graphite, $130
  • Journey: …and she faced them, Lino-cut, $75
  • Journey: Unexpected Meeting, Lino-cut, $65
  • The Keane, Intaglio, $50
  • I’ll Make a Man Out of You, Charcoal, NFS (Not For Sale)

Dorron’s Thank You

I would like to personally give thanks to everyone that is has like, shared, and generally checked my work out. Special thanks goes to my mother Annette, my little brother John, aunt Shirelle, uncle Myron, and grandmother Wanda Applin for the love, support, and inspiration that gave since, well my birth. Thank you to every friend, fan, and even those that have yet to meet personally for the support so far. Extra thank you for the Lourdes University community for support, resources, and much more that have allowed for me to get through college. Thank you to the 2,000+ people I have met through my #behindthecosplay project who have shared personal stories and creativity to grow each other as artist. Special thank you to instructors/faculty Erin Szavuly, Todd Matteson, Patrick Dubreuil, Peggy Martinez, Dr. Dwayne Beggs, Alisa Smith, and many others. Final thank you to you the reader, and all of those that could not be listed due to, in full honesty, spacing as Erin always tells me, “You are just such a social butterfly.” Appreciate everyone for everything up to this point and forward as it means more to me than words can express. You are the real MVP.


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