Current Artist

Fifth Third Center Gallery
September Artist 2019

Deborah Dixon

My art brings women of all sizes and those who appreciate them out of the closet. I draw, paint, sculpt full-figured females as a way of self-healing, rebellion and to make a social statement that all bodies are amazing, beautiful and a miracle. Many of the women in my work are doing things that I and others in society considered taboo for years.. The guilt, the self-hate, the self shaming that circumscribed my world, and art , began to fall away in the early 80’s when I discovered the magazine BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) and the French expatriate turn of the 20th century artist Gaston La Chaise.

Gaston La Chaise’s women inspired me and freed my mind enough to dare to think that big could be beautiful. In learning to draw the human figure, I studied old masters such a de Vinci, Rubens; more contemporary artist like Rico Le Brun and Niki Saint Phalle, Elizabeth Cattlett, Alice Neely have also influenced my work. As a teenager growing in the small conservative town in south west Ohio, I worked with what visual resources I could find and often they were Marvel and DC Comics and Playboy, Esquire and Hustler magazines, hence the sensual influence and love of big bold bright colors such as red and blue. The females on the pages of Playboy appeared comfortable in their bodies and with their sexual powers. This attitude intrigued me. There was a raw sensuousness s in those women that I internalized while drawing them. It is that rawness and sexuality that gives my work it’s certain ‘funk” and earthiness. Superwoman, Catwoman and Wonder Woman are reflected in my color choices and imbue my woman with a larger than life profile. They are doers, changing and transforming the negative into positive; they are not victims and actively refuse such roles. My females have large bellies and hips to symbolize the power of creation. Many of these women don’t have facial features. I do that to remind the viewer of the symbols and archetypes of strong feminine principles. Drawing females has helped me to heal and understand that mystery that is me. My learning and acceptance still continues as I discover those dark unexposed fallacies that cloud my acceptance and understanding of myself and of others. Painting and sculpting them has helped me discover and own my own feminine power. Today, I believe there is nothing more beautiful than the human body, no matter if it is female, male, transsexual. All are amazing and a reflection of the myriad of forms that that Cosmic assumes.

Read Deborah’s Resume (PDF Format)

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