Rachael Redolfi

Fifth Third Center Gallery
May 3D Artist 2018

B orn and raised in Dayton, I have always been a creative individual. As a child I was known for my boundless imagination: drawing whenever I could, sculpting out of any materials I could get my hands on, and even playing games with my silverware when I got bored. I was also a very curious child, being extremely interested in the natural world around me, the sciences of biology and geology, and taking a special interest in paleontology which would fuel my life-long love of dinosaurs and other ancient beasts.

Growing up in a homeschool family, I was encouraged to hone my creative skills and indulge my interest in nature and biology. From a young age I was encouraged to set artistic goals, learning that I could create anything I set my mind to. Even as a teenager, I was interested in computer-generated artwork and set a goal to create a computer-generated (CG) world at a time when CG artwork was still achieved mostly through coding: I succeeded at that goal, and my interest in CG artwork turned into a passion.

In college, while studying traditional fine art at Sinclair Community College, my passion for CG artwork continued to blossom as technological advances in CG artwork became more common, and developments in 3D printing technology were discovered.

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