Current Artist

Fifth Third Center Gallery
October Artist 2019
Anna Talei Fisher
(Ceramics, Fiber, Mixed Media Artist)

My love of art began while growing up in England surrounded by artists in the picturesque countryside of East Anglia. At an early age, I attended painting classes given by the great, great, great grandson of John Constable, and continued exploring the many mediums of art during art school in Essex. This has allowed me to explore the expressive qualities of differing styles. Currently my work involves watercolor, acrylic, print making, fiber and ceramics.

After adjusting to a new life in Ohio, I resumed my studies at Ohio State University for three years, working in the theater department as a set designer and promotion artist at the same time. After attending Bluffton College for a final year, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

My work has a strong organic quality both in form and color. I gain inspiration from nature which is a very central part of my life, and whatever medium I use reflects these feelings. I feel my watercolors give a sense of mystery and surprise as new images can be seen with each glance. My work has received numerous awards at juried shows in several states. It is in several galleries in Ohio.

My husband and I live with our three children surrounded by a wide variety of pets near Uniopolis, Ohio. Along with teaching ceramics at Art Space Lima and helping run the family business, I do accept commissions and can be reached at:

18151 Blackhoof Creek Rd.
Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895