Fifth Third Center Exterior

Building Specifications

Rentable Area: 313,473 square feet

Floor sizes throughout the building vary due to the architectural uniqueness of the building.

  • Floor 1: 29,050 sq. ft.
  • Floor 2: 26,590 sq. ft.
  • Floors 3-5: 19,400 sq. ft.
  • Floors 6-19: 15,414 sq. ft.
  • Floor 20: 10,260 sq. ft.

Electrical Information

Electric service is provided by two bus ducts located in the electrical room and running the entire height of the structure. The first bus duct services tenant requirements with 3,000-amp, 277/480 volt, three-phase, five-wire assembly. Standard electrical closets contain 277-volt, 255-amp panels. The second bus duct supplies the mechanical equipment in the penthouse with 2,500-amp, 480 volt, three-phase, three-wire assembly. A standby diesel-powered emergency generator, supplied by a 1,000-gallon tank is in the basement mechanical room. This generator provides back-up power for the elevators, stair lighting, the fire command center, the fire alarm and sprinkler system and the smoke exhaust evacuation system.

Tower Elevators

No waiting here – Fifth Third Center at 1 South Main Street is equipped with the latest in technology. Six Otis gearless Elevonic 401 Passenger Elevators service the 20 floors of the office tower. One of the six also services the basement in addition to the towers and is designated as freight. These elevators have a 3,500 pound capacity and travel at 800 feet per minute. Micro-processing controls all six as a unit. The luxurious cabs feature audio and LED digital messaging, and twin ADA panel boards. Typical cab size is 6’8″ by 5′ 5″ with 9′ ceilings. In addition, a separate Otis hydraulic freight elevator accesses the loading docks and provides direct access to the on-site tenant storage facilities.

Parking Information

The parking garage is a seven-level concrete structure providing approximately 419 premium, covered spaces. The exterior is finished in pre-cast concrete panels matching the office tower facade. Auto ingress and egress is via Ludlow street. Convenient, direct covered pedestrian access to the tower lobby is via a climate-controlled second-floor walkway.

The individual floors of the parking garage are serviced by two (2) state-of-the-art hydraulic Dover passenger elevators. The facility is equipped with a Mini-Scan fee computer electric control gates with counter, loop detectors and ticket dispensers.

Construction Information

  • Skeletal Structure:
    • Poured in place, reinforced concrete.
  • Exterior Panels:
    • Granite accent and pre-cast concrete face mix panels with polished granite detail.
  • Roof:
    • Structure steel and batten seam metal roof, gable style.
  • Lobby:
    • A luxurious blend of Norwegian granites, porcelain tile floors, wood ceiling panels and brass accents. The main entrance features a 12-foot-high waterfall.
  • Windows:
    • One inch, tinted, reflective, insulating glass in a continuous curtain wall system.
  • Rest Rooms:
    • Typical restroom facilities are located in the common corridors of floors 3 through 20 with typical finish being ceramic tile floor and partial wainscot with vinyl wall covering, drop acoustical ceiling and built-in fluorescent lighting. Ceramic tile extends to the ceiling in high traffic areas. Typical ladies rest room facility contains four water closets and two lavatories. Typical men’s facility contains two water closets, two urinals, and two lavatories.

Heating/Ventilation (HVAC)

Heating is provided by a hot water radiant system installed at the perimeter ceiling of the structure. Three Bryant gas-fired boilers equipped with Gordon Piatt burners and Honeywell Integrated boiler controls operate in series and provide redundancy even in the most severe weather conditions. They are located in the Penthouse mechanical rooms. Each floor contains approximately 19 exterior zones which utilize parallel flow, fan-powered terminals containing variable air volume devices to control cooling loads. These FPT units utilize heat generated from lighting fixtures and other building interior loads in addition to the boiler fired hot water.

Cooling is provided by floor by floor, self-contained Trane packaged compressors. The system is served by twin cooling towers.

The HVAC system is controlled by an Andover building automation system, and monitored by an Intellution front end software control system.

Fifth Third Center at 1 South Main Street’s after hours HVAC is on average 90% less expensive than other buildings. In addition, tenants only pay for electric consumed within their suite(s).

Building Security

Fifth Third Center at 1 South Main Street has been designed and is currently equipped with a state-of-the-art Simplex fire security system that includes the following elements:

  • Fully Sprinklered, wet system
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Smoke Evacuation System
  • Thermal Detector System
  • Voice Communication System
  • Pressurized Stairwell

Security has also been accounted for employing the highest standards which include:

  • Video and audio monitoring systems
  • Tenant floor lock-off capability
  • 24-hour security guard service, 365 days per year
  • 24-hour tenant access, 365 days per year , through card-key access