Terms of Use & Policies

Maximum capacity is 64 at any given time (fire code).

The Conference Center may be booked up to three (3) months in advance of the current calendar date.

The entry and restroom keys can be signed out at the Security Desk located in the Fifth Third Center Grand Lobby before your scheduled time of use. The keys must be returned promptly to the Security Desk when finished with the room, as another tenant may have it scheduled later the same day or early the next morning. Under no circumstances can the keys be kept overnight, even if the same party has the room scheduled for the next day.

There is no charge for the use of the Conference Center for up to eight (8) hours, however, a “Use Charge” of $25.00 (which will include a general cleaning fee) is assessed for each use in excess of eight (8) hours per day. If additional heating or air conditioning is required after normal business hours, there is a charge of $25.00 per hour. Please see the Security Guard on duty to arrange for this service if arrangements had not been made prior to your scheduled use. Additional arrangements can be made with Building Management for cleaning services after any scheduled meeting is over.

Users may arrange the Conference Center furniture (tables & chairs) into different configurations to better accommodate their needs, however, the tables and chairs must be moved back to the original configuration once the meeting is over, otherwise, the tenant will be charged for the furniture re-arrangement. [Note: Tables cannot be stacked or removed from the Conference Center.] Building Management can arrange furniture for your use, and can accommodate special requests (additional tables & chairs, etc.). Such special requests must be made 24 hours in advance. Some charges for these services may apply, please check with Building Management.

Tenants are responsible for giving a 24-hour cancellation notice prior to the reservation date and time to Building Management or a $25.00 non-cancellation charge will be assessed for any reservation not used.

Tenants are responsible for leaving the room as they found it – free of stains, debris, and refuse, with clean counter tops, sink, appliances, etc.